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O cliente é nosso principal interesse

No mercado de compras online de hoje, acreditamos que a honestidade é a melhor política. É por isso que criamos uma política de loja generosa, justa e transparente para nossos clientes. Leia as seções a seguir para saber mais sobre como enviamos ou trocamos produtos e sobre como protegemos seus dados pessoais. Se tiver dúvidas, entre em contato.

  • Can I customize the frames or request a special painting?
    Some frames can be personalized and others cannot, those that can are marked and have a field for personalization. The rest cannot be modified. If you have any special requests or want specific art, contact us and request our ATELIER work.
  • What can I customize in cosmetics?
    All of our cosmetic products are customizable, the following items can be chosen: Replace the collection name with your preferred name; Choose the desired cosmetic product; Choose the essence of the product; The name of the collection on the label is where it will be replaced by your first name, last name, a date or whatever you choose.
  • What essences are available?
    All available essences are described on the product page once you click to view it.
  • What is the deadline?
    All of our products are handcrafted and this requires calm, care, affection and patience. Therefore, our maximum deadline for sending your order to the post office is up to 15 working days. We will always try to serve you as quickly as possible.
  • Can I return or cancel a purchase?
    Once your purchase has been made and is already being prepared in our studio, your purchase can no longer be cancelled. If you still want to cancel, there will be no refund. This is because all JOSH products are made to order and personalized for each order. We do not have a stock of raw materials or ready-made products. Based on your order, we purchase all the inputs necessary to produce your items. Therefore, if cancelled, it is not fair that our artists and suppliers lose the amount that was already invested in the production of your order.
  • Why does furniture take longer to produce?
    Like all JOSH products, the furniture is also 100% artisanal, handmade and produced to order. When your order is placed, our suppliers and artists purchase the raw materials and begin production. This takes time and a lot of logistics. Therefore, our maximum deadline for furniture is up to 25 working days.
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