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Refills for cosmetics. Content 500ml total

The aroma diffuser refills come with 6 wooden sticks.

JOSH - Cosmetics Refill 500ml


    A sweet, light fragrance with a soft citrus base. It brings comfort, welcome and a feeling of warmth. 


    Olfactory Family: Sweet Citrus

    Top Notes: Vanilla Bean and Pear Orange Leaves

    Middle Notes: Myrrh, Green Mandarin and Vanilla

    Base Notes: Sandalwood and Amber

    -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------



    A citrus fragrance, with a light touch of rosemary and patchouli, soft and cozy. Transmits calm, warmth and well-being.


    Olfactory Family: Woody Citrus

    Top Notes: Rosemary, Ginger and Sicilian Lemon

    Middle Notes: Patchouly and Sage

    Base Notes: Amber and Noble Woods

    -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------



    A woody fragrance, strong and full-bodied, immediately takes you to a forest with damp roots after the rain. Transmits a feeling of well-being, immersion and relaxation.


    Olfactory Family: Woody Amber Citrus

    Top notes: Bergamot, Geranium and Magnolia

    Middle Notes: Cedarwood, Galbanum and Lemon

    Base Notes: Agarwood, Amber and Musk

    -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------



    A citrus, light and smooth fragrance. It immediately takes you to a swim in the sea with a light breeze and comfort. It conveys a feeling of well-being, welcome and warmth.


    Olfactory Family: Aromatic Musk

    Top Notes: Violet, Geranium and Italian Bergamot

    Middle Notes: Amber, Lactoni chords and Sage

    Base Notes: Musk, Musk and Himalayan Salt

    -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------



    A floral fragrance, with a citrus base and fresh like summer! It conveys a feeling of freshness, well-being and disposition, with herbal and fruity touches.


    Olfactory Family: Spicy Sweet Citrus

    Top Notes: Piperita Mint, Gardenia and Lime Zest

    Middle Notes: French Lavender, Ozonic Accords and Spices

    Base Notes: Musk, Sage and Amber

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